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National Health Command Center

National Health Command Center

The challenge…

MOH was looking to provide data and insights to inform decision makers about the current situation and to help them anticipate and respond to emerging circumstances, improving the efficiency of care delivery and enabling disease prevention through integrated processes and enhanced information.

The outcome…

The MOH National Healthcare Command Center (NHCC) was established in 2019 in Riyadh as a central hub collating and visualizing data and insights utilizing artificial intelligence and human action and to lead in data-driven healthcare to reach a sustainable healthcare system NHCC has been instrumental during Covid-19 to provide the MOH and other government entities with the required analytics, predictions and recommendations to manage capacity and demand.

Our approach…

  • NHCC optimizes the healthcare system efficiency by continuously monitoring and evaluation performance and quality, addressing system inefficiencies and gaps, and enable proper response.
  • We are supporting the digital transformation of the healthcare system by integrating with different platforms, analyzing data and continuously providing feedback.
  • NHCC has created operational mechanisms referred to as ‘Ticketing’ or ‘IPOMS’. This ensures that actions can be given with evidence to stakeholders, which are supported by NHCC to ensure action is taken and closed.
  • NHCC has multiple departments represented, including hospital and primary care services, transfers, patient complaints, supply chain and workforce. Teams come together to work across boundaries to predict and resolve risks.
  • NHCC uses Dashboards and analytics reports together to understand the current landscape. This includes scenario planning, monitoring testing, and understanding the COVID-19 growth rate.