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Digital Solutions

digital solutions

Clinical Command Centers help top-tier hospitals and health systems achieve and sustain next-level performance through actionable information, targeted process improvement, and culture change. We help clients to imagine, design, build, and activate clinical command centers.

Command Centers harness artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics to coordinate patient care and resources across the entire health system, streamline care delivery, and improve health outcomes. By streaming real-time data on key aspects of patient care—such as forecasted demand, transfers between facilities, care progression, and discharge planning—staff can direct resources to areas of high need and give healthcare providers the critical information necessary to best care for patients. It is artificial and human intelligence coming together 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to detect risk and coordinate complex care.

With our aspiration to transform healthcare systems using cutting edge digital solutions, we have recently launched Digitum, a Digital Health Company that drives patient-centric value-based healthcare through turnkey digital solutions and delivering productivity across labor, operations and asset utilization. Digitum delivers healthcare productivity (which translates to lower cost, better quality and higher access), as well as helping nations get engaged in their personal health.